Thursday, February 16, 2012

One Giant Catch-up Post!

It seems that the holidays through January were some crazy times for the Wilburns! We made several trips to Fargo and north for Thanksgiving and New Years, Montana for Christmas, and Winter Park for some much needed relaxation and skiing! January brought some craziness of its own through Paul's travel, illness and then BAM, it is February! So here is one quick zoom through to get us all caught up!

Ski Trip in Winter Park, CO

Paul's family descended on Denver the second week of December so that spend some family and vacation time. We all headed up to Winter Park where we had a Ski-in Ski-out to do some relaxing! Paul and I scored some 5 for 4 lift tickets early in August, so we were excited to hit the slopes.

Just before everyone got to Denver, I was doing some cleaning out and Sophia went bonkers for this big box. We set it in the hallway by her bedroom and let her have at it for a few days. She kept playing like the front flaps were doors. 

Sophia before bed making sure Paul was doing it right!

The gang arrives!! Luke and Sophia played piano while Jacob watched, he got his turn next!

Out to get the mail. Sophia stands at the door as soon as she sees the mailman come, she knows she gets to go outside!

Up at Winter Park. Sophia practicing the Itsy Bitsy Spider with Grandma Wilburn.

The guys returning from the slopes. It was great because the shuttle dropped us off literally at our door step. Nice not having to walk carrying all that gear!

Sophia wearing my ski hat. She definitely looks like a little pink snow bunny.

We took the kiddos out in the evening for some sled rides.

Too bad I had to pull Paul and Sophia up the hill while Paul got to pull us down. So unfair :)

All the kiddos running in the snow. It was really pretty with all the fresh snow falling, and they just didn't want to go inside.

Broncos Game! 

After we all got back to Denver, we had the weekend to go to the Aquarium downtown, and the kids loved it. Paul's parents also stayed through Monday so they could watch Sophia while Paul and I went to the Broncos/Patriots game. Unfortunately the Broncos got pounded, but it was fun for us to get some time out together, and we got to get right down by the field before the game started to get some cool pictures. 

Paul and I at Sports Authority Stadium and Mile High!

They gave out pom-poms, Paul was having a good time.

They had sky divers landing on the field, it was cool to watch, though I don't know how they didn't run into any of the lines running across the stadium for the cameras.

Opening drive for the Broncos. It all started so promising, but ended so sadly.

Christmas in Montana~

After the weekend of the Broncos game, we had only a few days to do some work and head off for Glendive that Friday. As the story goes, Denver and WY got hit with a huge snow storm Thursday. We knew the drive Friday morning was going to be tough, just not how tough. We left at 6am and headed north. All went well until we got about 50 miles north of Cheyenne on I-25, then coming over a hill we hit inch and half thick solid ice and almost slammed into a semi that was jack-knifed almost all the way across the north bound lane. God was watching out for us because for some reason I was slowing down as was the pickup right next to us as we came over the hill, and we both managed to get slowed down enough to creep past the semi's trailer on the far right side of the edge/ditch. As we went along, there was car, after van, after vehicle in the ditch. I was so nervous, but there was no where to really stop, so we crept along and I finally found a sweet spot to catch my driver side tire on the far outside of the rumble bars on the road, so that I had a tiny piece of almost pavement to hold a least one of the tires. We drove this way with 50 mph cross winds all the way until we reached Douglas. Then, we had to head north on a little 2 lane highway all the way past the Montana border, which was just as bad until we finally reached Gillette (which was only half way :( I was so exhausted from that 7 hour drive (which should have been 4), we had to take a long break. Paul took over there and the roads were awesome the rest of the way. I am so grateful little Sophia was an angel the entire trip. Now onto Christmas!!
Sophia got this cute little dress for Christmas, and Paul thought she made a cute little Russian baby with the hat!

Sophia got really excited - about I don't quite remember...

Wedding and New Year's

 Then it was onto Fargo for my friend Marja Ekola's (now Nelson) wedding. We had a great time at the bridal shower, decorating the reception and then of course her big day on Friday!!!! I was so glad that she got her wish and had a white wedding as it snowed Thursday night. Everything went so beautifully.
The Bridesmaids!!!

We then spent Saturday New Year's Eve with my family in Fargo and had our Christmas. We also took some family pictures and just got to spend some time together. Sunday morning we were up bright and early to hit the road for home. 


The next month we were recuperating from all the travel, Paul got sick so his brother Bryan and I had to drive the whole way back to Denver. We had fun, watched the Broncos win a playoff game (Sophia is dressed up in her cheer leading outfit to celebrate!

 We had some fun Sunday dress-ups. Sophia loves to walk around in my heels, and eat broccoli!
She also loves to play with her wooden cookie dough set, my little baker.

 Does this remind you of a movie... anyone?  Maybe a Christmas Story?

We also started playing with play doh, after she figured out she can't eat it.

And that about raps it up! More updates as they come, hopefully I can stay more on top of things! Hope spring comes soon!