Saturday, April 23, 2011


We seem to have a massive struggle around here regarding what to eat for dinner some days.  Tonight was no exception with Paul off to Mass, and me busy trying to get Sophia fed, to bed, and some food prep done for tomorrow. I was walking though the grocery store (dangerous I know) and I had a eureka moment. They had rotisserie chickens on sale hot and ready to eat, an amazing blessing at 6:00pm on a busy night. It is so easy to pair with a little bit of pasta or rice and quick veggie. Really, those things are huge, and $5 will get us through 3 meals when I pick off the leftover chicken and mix with barbecue sauce or to throw in a casserole or something. Major score. Not to mention, Sophia loved it. I started her dinner with some cheese and veggies before I even started the pasta, and she was still eating when Paul and I finished. The chicken is so tender and yummy, she just kept pointing for more. I am so glad to be finding good, healthy, affordable food now that we are in the process of weaning her to whole milk (which she loves even more than the chicken!). I need to start reading a few other blogs so that I can come up with more of these healthy, smart dinners.

This post is quite random, but such is life in this house!

Easter Vigil!

I am a little bummed that I will not be attending the Easter Vigil this year, it is kind of hard when your little sweet pea has to be in bed 2 hours before Mass even starts. I am sure I am not alone.  I am grateful for the opportunity to relax and have a quiet apartment to myself since it will be awhile before that happens. What a day we had. The apartment had to be spotless so that it could be shown by 11. Really great that it is now super clean and ready for a passel of guests tomorrow. I am glad that the potatoes are peeled and ready to pop on the stove for garlic mashed, beans are sniped and ready to meet their almonds, eggs are boiled, painted, deviled and cooling along with the sparkling moscato, IBC root beer, ham, cheesecake, fruit, ice cream and last but not least the spinach and artichoke dip.  I hope I don't run out of potatoes, but if I do there is plenty of other yummy goodness and sweets to give them enough energy to run shout He is Risen from every mountain top!!! Now all I have left to do today is kick up my feet, finish my PBR from dinner and stare at my very pretty yellow and purple tulips (Paul had to let me get a few flowers since he single handedly destroyed all of my Easter decorations but one!). It should be a rat race around here with 12 people, but Easter is definitely something to celebrate, and the bigger the better. Pictures to follow :).  My thoughts and prayers go out to those who are not having the holiday they would like due to illness, water/flooding or strained family relations.   M

Friday, April 22, 2011

Sophia's 9 month pictures

Sophia is getting so big! Our wonderful friend Laura Ketcher took these beautiful pictures of Sophia when we made a trip out to visit her family in MN. She's a wonderful photographer (you can see for your self at Thanks Laura!

The Big Move!

Just 2 short weeks ago, we received the call to move out to FOCUS headquarters in beautiful Denver, Colorado. Paul will be working as an assistant regional director training with the current regional director for a year. This came as a shock, we had been sure we were staying in Madison (so sure that we signed a lease for next year.... oops!!). We made a trip out this week to find an apartment and familiarize ourselves with the area. The last place we went to visit in Thornton north of Denver was the one we chose, so we feel much better now that we have found a place to live. Now all we have to do is find someone to take over our other lease. I am sad to be leaving Madison, mostly the people here that we have grown to love so much. Oh yeah, and the cheese! We are fortunate though to be walking into an already made group of young Catholic families who have been so welcoming. When it gets hard, I remind myself that this is only for a year, and to enjoy this awesome opportunity. In the meantime, lots of planning and packing. At least we have our cruise coming up in May, vacation will be a must with all this commotion going on. Easter is right around the corner, praise be God! Well, time to get my apron on, we are going to have a full apartment on Sunday!


Seems like blogging is the new thing to do, or maybe we are just a little behind! It is going to be a crazy ride for us for a while, so if you are itching for an update, you know where to go!    M