Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Season of Travel

A few days after Paul returned from Roma, we were off again as a family on a cross-country drive to Madison, WI. The kiddos were amazing, and traveled like pros. Not a peep out of either of them over two days until the last 25 minutes or so when were stuck in rush hour traffic on the infamous Beltline in Madison. Should have known better but oh well. We spent 8 days meeting up with Paul's mission partners and several friends we made during our 3 year stint there. It was a blast. We stayed with the wonderful Chris and Patti, who made us feel so very at home. It was great!

We returned to Denver on Sunday night only to have Paul hop a flight the very next morning to MN. Needless to say it was an ugly start to the week as we hadn't exactly left the place in the best condition and it is hard to get ahead with two crabby kids recovering from a long trip. We recovered though, just in time to hop another flight a week later to ND for work and Thanksgiving.

We arrived in Fargo on an evening flight, which went well considering how late it was. It is always so nice to be home! We spent a few days before Thanksgiving cooking and making all sorts of goodies to bring North to Grandma's house for butchering. I also sat at Sam's while my Mom and I got new phones - for under a buck!!!! Needless to say I spent the last several weeks learning how to man the thing.

We went to my Grandma and Grandpa Gapp's for Thanksgiving Day. It was so nice to see all the family. Then on Friday we hit the road to see my other Grandma Sauer and to begin butchering. We also got to see my cousin Jessica and her family as they stopped on their way through. The following are pictures of the oldest 3 grandchildren and all 6 of the Gapp great-grandchildren. So glad we got them all together.

Still can't believe this attempt worked, but all six kiddos in order by age!! (and looking :)
From L to R: Ethan, Sophia, Addy, Susanna, Leo, and Josie

Paul spent most of the weekend in the milkparlor/butcher shop. Sophia ran around with the other cousins, Leo was held by one of the many young ladies, and I cooked and washed lots of dishes. 

Leo and my cousin Hope. She is a baby magnet, and so helpful!

Grandma helping Sophia get ready.

Sophia heading out to play.

The Loegerings, Paul and Sophia out in the cold.

Cooking up a storm, what happens when you feed 40 some people


Games with the cousins in the living room. Nertz and the Farming Game

Becky and Josh

Becky holding Leo... she was an angel getting him to sleep for me :)

Dad avoiding the camera.

Leo, Sophia, Addy, and Susanna

Squeezey Love!

Sophia, Great-Grandma, and Susanna

Happy bunch of Ladies... and Leo :)

We had an uneventful flight home, with 2 huge cooler bags full of frozen meat. It was a lot colder here in Denver than when we left, but we are so glad to be home and getting back into our routine as we begin the holy season of Advent.