Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pictures on a Beautiful Summer Morning

On Saturday we had some yearly pictures done of the kiddos. Even though we took them at 7:30 in the morning, Sophia was so cheery and had a great time exploring the park to find some pretty shady spots. Leo was not is such a great mood, but his sweet eyes made up for the lack of smiles!  Our friend and photographer Alzbeta was nice enough to give me permission to share a sample of the pictures with you all. I hope you enjoy!

Photo credit: Voboril Photography  -

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


It is nice to sit in a chair for about 5 minutes and I guess I figured I would do a little update as it has been a while since I was able to do so. Life changes so quickly, and can do a 180 right in front of you. While we had planned to stay in Denver for the upcoming year, after about a month of searching and failing to locate new affordable housing, we were surprised and pleased to be offered the option to move back to North Dakota. My poor parents were then called upon to put a leg forward and do the groundwork of helping us to find a place to rent for next year, as it was so late in the game there was no way of us getting up there before the move to find a place ourselves. Trying to get this all done while on a cross-country drive for an ordination and a short family visit made it even more interesting. Lo and behold we found a great place that we are very excited about, and more space for less rent $ makes me exceedingly happy.

This sudden change in plans has added some stress, trying to accomplish a cross-country move in a months time while Paul has been working out of town in FL for 17 days total this month has been a great challenge. It is a good day today though, I made some significant progress and I can now see the entire floor for the first time in over a week. :) So glad he will be home tomorrow. I think the kiddos and I need a brief period of separation to regain our sanity! I am trying to enjoy this last day of relative quiet before things get completely crazy and then we are loading and gone in a week. Sophia is very excited about the big yellow truck that is coming to take us to Fargo. She can't wait to see it and the grandparents. I am glad she is excited, I worry that such big change is hard on them, and I know she will greatly miss all her friends here just as I will miss mine!

Leo gets bigger every day. He stands really well all by himself for extended periods of time and has taken a few steps here and there a few weeks ago. He smacked his head hard, so he has been extremely cautious since. One of these days he is just going to take off though, and I hope the move is done by then. It is too crazy keeping up with them both. :)

Here is the story of the last month or so in pictures:

Mother's Day: Paul made me some awesome bacon scrambled eggs!

 What a ham he is...

We celebrated Sophia's 3rd birthday at a park in Lakewood and invited family and her friends for a small party. It was a bit windy but lots of fun!

I made and piped my own dark chocolate cupcakes with vanilla whipped frosting. They were a hit!

Paul and one of his TD's Sam and her fiance. Paul is in their wedding in September.

The ladies watching over Leo while I was taking care of things.

He loved the attention and the sun.

Then he discovered Avila's cupcake...

Well if you won't share... I will just take it!

Kendrick Lake Park

Saying goodbye to Paul's program director and my friend Holly! We will miss her but wish her the best as she heads to Illinois next year.

Getting ready to sing Happy Birthday.

Couldn't get the candle lit, it was way too windy. It was great to see everyone and a huge thanks to you all for coming out to celebrate Sophia's special day with us!

Leo helping me do May newsletters

Happy boy, although he is a handful when I am dressing him.

Paul and his friend Donald ran in the Denver Tough Mudder again this year. Soph wanted to go too, but I am not sure she would have enjoyed the 10 mile run up a black diamond with icy muddy water obstacles followed by a dosing of electric shock therapy. This is them before they came back covered in mud!

Sophia and Leo swinging in the park after we had their pictures taken on Saturday. She had a blast... he wasn't having the best of days.... poor Leo!