Saturday, April 23, 2011


We seem to have a massive struggle around here regarding what to eat for dinner some days.  Tonight was no exception with Paul off to Mass, and me busy trying to get Sophia fed, to bed, and some food prep done for tomorrow. I was walking though the grocery store (dangerous I know) and I had a eureka moment. They had rotisserie chickens on sale hot and ready to eat, an amazing blessing at 6:00pm on a busy night. It is so easy to pair with a little bit of pasta or rice and quick veggie. Really, those things are huge, and $5 will get us through 3 meals when I pick off the leftover chicken and mix with barbecue sauce or to throw in a casserole or something. Major score. Not to mention, Sophia loved it. I started her dinner with some cheese and veggies before I even started the pasta, and she was still eating when Paul and I finished. The chicken is so tender and yummy, she just kept pointing for more. I am so glad to be finding good, healthy, affordable food now that we are in the process of weaning her to whole milk (which she loves even more than the chicken!). I need to start reading a few other blogs so that I can come up with more of these healthy, smart dinners.

This post is quite random, but such is life in this house!

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  1. Great Blog, Wandering Wilburns!

    I agree with you about Rotisserie Chix. We have done that a few times during Bruce's deployment and gotten 3 meals. The first meal with the fresh chix is usually with mashed potatoes and peas or such. The second is the leftover chix on a salad or in sandwiches. The third is Chicken Noodle or Tomato Rice Soup after I cook down the bones. Ours cost $8 - still a cheap way to feed 5 for 3 meals!