Wednesday, May 8, 2013

April Showers Bring More May Showers?

After an incredibly dry spring, summer and fall last year, I cannot get over how wet it has been this spring. Not that we are complaining, we need the moisture (obligatory mantra in Denver), but this week has been a hard one.

Mark Loidolt flew out to visit us on Friday. It was a nice evening, and Sophia and I took a ladies trip to DSW and we picked out a cheap pair of water sandals for me off the clearance rack and a bottle of nail polish for her. Paul and Mark were on the deck enjoying a beer, so we joined them and painted Sophia's nails before we sent her off to bed. We had a beautiful Saturday! Paul and Mark spent the morning and afternoon in Ft Collins at the New Belgium Brewery and some rabbit cheese place, while the kiddos and I went to a fabulous birthday party for Anni who turned 3! It was at a nice park in Lakewood near our apartment, and the kiddos spent hours playing on the great play set, watching a man and his son fly a neat bird kite, feeding the ducks and geese, chasing millions of bubbles, eating great food and cupcakes, and running and playing some more. When I got them home around 1:00 they both passed out for about 3 hours they were so worn out. Sunday, Paul and Mark went to a Rockies game before Mark had to fly back to ND, and that day I was feeling a little tough. Monday and Tuesday I felt awful and between the fever and head/neckaches I was completely useless. Today I was feeling much better, but the kiddos and I are getting some apartment fever from not getting out since Mass on Sunday morning.

Flannel Friday and nail polish!

Posing like Daddy does for his Insanity picture!

Mark and Paul in da Flannel

Silly Leo. He will kneel like this forever.

Sophia was helping me start my tomato plants, and she was having a grand time playing in the dirt for the pot we are going to fill with flowers.
These two are so cuddly!  I was taking my shower to look out and see Leo so angry as he was trying to stuff TP in the toilet. I made Paul take a picture. Poor Leo!
Listening to some music, and watching some home videos of her and Leo.

        Below: Sophia and I got to go solo to gymnastics, so I got some
        pictures. She really likes the tunnel, bar, and jumping on    


My gold star for today was keeping all electronics off including the tablet, tv, computer and her vreader. This was nothing short of a miracle considering it was cold, cloudy and raining all day, and we have had a challenging week. Adding to the fun was the lack of naps from either of them and Leo teething.

We did everything we could think of to pass the day: played in the tunnel, read books, made cookies, baked a spaghetti squash (which Sophia cleaned out herself), played in the rain until we got too cold while Leo took his first nap, washed all the bedding in the house, they jumped on my bed while singing the monkey's on the bed song, played little people, banged pots and pans in the kitchen, took baths......

By 4:30 I was running out of ideas, and noticed that all the pillows were on the floor already, so we did a quick clean up of all the other toys on the floor and played Hot Lava for a good hour. (Our version was tickle lava, where you get tickled mercilessly if you fall off the pillows :)

Leo thought it was great just chasing us around as we "hopped" back and forth from the pieces of furniture. Even Paul joined in when he got home so I could get the grilling done and food on the table for supper. Mission Accomplished!

The place was a disaster by the end of the day, but we made it through. Now both kiddos are sound asleep, Paul did the dishes while I did pickup duty, and I get to sit for 5 minutes. Here is to hoping that my mattress pad is dry before I have to make my bed before I crash for the night. Stupid thing takes all day to dry with the plastic backing.... and it is too expensive to replace to risk it in the dryer.....

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