Sunday, May 8, 2011

 Easter was a fabulous time. I love Easter mass, especially the trumpets. Sigh... We had a total of 13 for Easter dinner. It felt a little like home, all of us gathered together.

Me, mommy, and the tulips!

Paul insisted on a family photo... I am so glad he did. This is Sophia's first Easter! Yay for timers on cameras.

Paul thought we should do a puzzle for date night, so we started a 1000 piece puzzle of San Francesco a beautiful church in Assisi that Brian gave us for Christmas... apparently I get addicted to puzzles and we finished in 2 days. Hm, ridiculous. This was the final piece that went in.

Yesterday was a huge garage sale in our neighborhood, so Paul kept Soph, and I went out on the hood to do some power garage shopping. I found some awesome stuff, including this beautiful highchair (which Sophia loves, almost as much as she loves cheese and pickles!)

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