Sunday, August 5, 2012

Another summer of the crazies

One would think I could keep up with a few more posts, but with the craziness that has been this spring and summer, I am lucky to still be in one piece :). Here is a brief catch-up as we await the arrival of Baby Wilburn #2!

We found out in May that we would be staying in Colorado for another year, so May culminated with a frantic search for a new place to live in Lakewood, which we did end up stumbling on. We were excited to have a third bedroom and a one stall garage with baby on the way. The only catch was that we would be homeless for 2 weeks, so we decided that we would make a trip North during that time and go to cousin Matt's priestly ordination.

Before all the moving craziness though, we were able to make a trip to the Coast and Texas to visit with Paul's family at the end of May! It was extremely relaxing, and we all had a great time! It took several days to get Sophia to warm up to the "yucky" sand and water that is the beach, but once she realized she could get "clean" in the water, she started to have a lot of fun!

Everyone running around our first evening at the was gorgeous out!

Sophia LOVED it when Grandma took her boogie boarding in the shallow waves.

We threw a small birthday party for Sophia when everyone was at the beach house on Sunday. She loved the balloons.

I made her chocolate cupcakes, they were a lot of fun!


Cousin Jacob thought they made great hair pieces!

He also liked pushing Sophia around in the stroller. Silly girl!

I think Sophia is getting the hang of this relaxing at the beach thing.

Too much fun playing with the sandy water.

Building our sand castle that we kept some real live crabs in. Uncle Elliott was awesome at catching some nice crabs for us to play with!

30 weeks, we will get to meet this little one later this summer!

Double trouble these two were.

Elliott and Paul relaxing with a cigar while watching the kids.

The end of May marked Sophia's second birthday. Paul was out of town in IL for summer training for work, so Sophia and I had a fun day of swimming and a special cookie for her birthday. I can't believe my beautiful girl is now 2!!!!!

Daddy's little girl!

She loves to work out with him, but I guess this round of weights was just too much ;)

She also loves the pool and wants to go almost every day. She is quite the little stylish girl and she loves her bags.

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