Sunday, August 5, 2012

June & July

June brought the big move. We were all packed when the help showed up to load our things into the pods. Unfortunately, the head mover told us we were not going to fit into the pods we had. I was crushed, but with his help and that of Paul's Mom, we were able to find a truck and a storage unit to solve the problem. We then cleaned and hit the road for Montana a day early. 

Sophia was so excited to get to Grandma's that she sprinted out of the car into Grandma's arms and proceeded to gibber all about her long day while we unloaded the car.
She also got to open her very long overdue birthday gift and set it up. She plays at it constantly!

Next, we traveled on to Fargo for my cousin's ordination. We found a sitter for Sophia for the day, and it was so nice since the Mass was long. Later that week, Sophia got to play with her cousin Addy when Ruth and the girls came out to visit at my parents while Paul was in IL again for a few days to teach a class.

Uncle Jason pulling out the squirt guns

Being wet is too much fun!

Everyone else chilling in the shade

The three Granddaughters Sophia, Susanna, and Addy

Sophia and Grandpa, chillin in their favorite spot.

Then we made the trek back to Glendive and then Denver stopping at my sister's house in Valley City. We were all moved in on July 5th with lots of help from family and friends. It was a super duper hot one. The smoke was also terrible the day we got back from all the fires in Colorado and Wyoming, but settled down a few days later.

Sophia and Addy holding hands while walking beside Jake and Ruth's amazing garden!

Sophia and Grandpa Wilburn relaxing after we started to get settled

Picture the day they left Denver.

Saying bye in the rain!

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