Monday, October 29, 2012

Paul in Roma, Italia

Paul had the amazing opportunity to go to Rome with FOCUS this past week Oct. 20-28. While I cannot write about his experience, here are just a few highlights from his trip.

Michael, Paul, & Rob

Paul and Dan at Villa Fatima where they stayed

Paul at the Colosseum. 

Inside St. John Lateran

The heads (skulls) of St. Peter and St. Paul

Papal Audience (We got to know Daniel one of the Swiss guards who is standing at the front right of the pope mobile when we were in Rome 3 years ago.)

Pope Benedict XVI

Dan, Joe and Paul in St. Peters

Paul going up to the chapel of St. Ignatius

The chapel of St. Ignatius where he lived the last 12 years of his life.

Dan, Joe and Paul in St. Peters

Paul at St. Paul outside the wall (stunning basilica). 

Tomb of St. Paul

Inside of St. Paul outside the wall. The images of all the popes are around the top just above the pillars.

Alter of St. Leo the Great in St. Peters

The description of the Altar

Dan and Paul were able to meet up with Fr. Tait who we know from Madison, WI.

Lastly, Paul in front of the Trevi Fountain.

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