Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pictures of the Growing Littles.

As we are settling into being a clan of four, and learning how to get things done again, here are a few pictures taken this fall amid all the craziness.

Leo bears the brunt of Sophia's sticker extravaganza.

Dot painting on our deck.

Leo and Daddy.

Hanging out.

Sophia is a chap stick addict.

Relaxing on a Sunday.

Where one goes, the other must follow. Even into the baby play mat.

Pretty girl.

It is so nice to have such a great helper in the kitchen. Wash away my girl.

Leo with Godfather Bryan and Daddy on the deck.

Maple pecan chicken for dinner. Yum!

I have the best seat in the house.

My first coffee cake ever baked in my new bundt pan courtesy of William & Sonoma.


Leo loves watching the Broncos!!! Too bad he can't reach the clicker.

Big smiles!

We are getting set to hit the road in November when Paul gets back from Rome. Many more updates to follow.

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