Friday, October 28, 2011

Let it Snow!

The first big snow storm of the season hit us on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. I guess this is what happens when an Alberta clipper meets Southern moisture crashes with up-sloping westerly winds. Either way it made for a lot of  very wet heavy snow. I put Sophia's coat and boots on so we could go get the mail and she had fun for 2 minutes until she lost her balance and got all wet from falling into a snow bank. She loved running around on the deck and trying to eat the snow off the deck chairs.

Tuesday night before I went to bed it was really starting to accumulate

Sophia checking out the white world outside through her window!

This stuff is cold!

So pretty when the sun came up.

Paul got a ton of show up in the mountain! He was at a training summit in Evergreen, and I am glad he didn't have to come back down the mountain until most of it had been cleared. A lot of people lost power because the trees were breaking branches under all the weight of the leaves and heavy, wet snow. It sure was pretty though.

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