Friday, October 28, 2011

On Badgers!

We made a return trip to Madison, WI at the beginning of October, and it was so nice to see everyone that we had grown to know during our 3 years there. We stayed with 3 different families, and are so grateful for their hospitality! Sophia had a rough time with some of the flights and did great with others, so we know how to schedule things in the future!
Playing in the leaves!

Chris helping Sophia go down the slide!

Paul playing football with the Galvin boys

We took Sophia to the Children's Museum. She loved all the hands on play, especially this neat walkway that looked like a rib cage.  

She also loves slides, and kept wanting to go down.

They also had these neat huts and a sheep thing pulling a wagon. She loved the sheep.

Finally we went up to go to the gardens to see the plants and feed the chickens.

She loved them and they loved the food she was offering.

We made it home safely, and after about a week of catching up on sleep, we were all good as new!

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