Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Leo's 1st Easter

Just after we got back from Fargo, Paul's parents arrived to celebrate the rest of Holy Week and Easter with us. It was nice that Paul and I got to go to our first Holy Thursday Mass in a long time as G &G stayed home with the sleeping kiddos. The week was fun, Good Friday was very dreary as per usual, and we made cookies to frost for Easter. Holy Saturday we hung out and dyed eggs and frosted cookies and watched the new 007 Skyfall. Sunday was a very beautiful day! Sophia loved trying to find all the eggs hidden all over the living and dining room. Mass was very crowded as usual even though we were over a half hour early. John and Paul's co-worker Holly came for dinner, and we all stuffed our faces so much I couldn't eat until Tuesday... no exaggeration.

A tired Sophia getting some Grandpa time!

Learning how to color Easter eggs

Daddy's egg in the orange dye


Grandma W back from the store


Two peas in a pod... they are so fun together.

The Easter bunny strikes again... He is a funny looking bunny....

Easter morning, look at all that grass and those eggs.

Ready for Easter Mass.

Changed and getting ready for company and dinner.

Lounging and balloons.

Daddy built a sweet Easter train track...hours of fun until Leo destroyed it :)

Happy boy loves his spoon and bananas

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