Thursday, April 18, 2013

Stubborn Old Man Winter

This year couldn't be more polar opposite than last year. April 2012 we were already dying of heat stroke and had the air conditioning on already, and this year I am shoveling 3-4 times a week. Native Coloradoans tell me that it is usual to get a really good dumping a few times in March and April, but we are getting slammed with snow 2-3 times per week! I guess I should have seized the opportunity to take the kiddos to the park a month ago when we were having 75 degree weather and it was dry out. Good news is that the snow pack is 98% and we really, really need the moisture. Hoping for some serious green in the near future.

Other then weather, we keep busy. Paul has had a lull in travel this month, so it has been nice having him around, although it is very hard to keep a stocked fridge when he is here inhaling everything all the time. Leo isn't helping me there either as he has decided that baby food or mashed/pureed food of any kind is for the babies and birds and he is neither one. This morning he ate a whole 4x4 in slice of egg bake complete with potatoes, chunks of ham, mushroom, peppers, cheese and eggs. I will be making lots of egg bakes in the near future. His other favorite is Indian food with curry and naan, although chicken tiki marsala in a diaper is the nastiest thing I have ever seen or smelt... and that is saying a lot coming from me! He is getting more motile by the minute, pulling up and walking around everything. He also likes getting into and eating everything, so I am busy spring cleaning and putting things out of reach of little hands.

Paul is loving his Toastmasters Club, and since he won table topics one week was eligible to compete in a competition. He really enjoys it and it is helping him to stretch himself and become a better speaker. He aslo got to get out and do some golfing; just hitting range balls and putting, but he enjoyed being outside and getting back into the swing of things (he he, I love puns). He will be traveling a lot more for next few months as FOCUS is getting ready to do placements for the next school year and summer training is around the corner. Our family travel schedule will get buck wild come the end of May through the rest of the summer, and we will be doing several cross country jaunts. I am praying that the kiddos do well. All right, enough jaw flapping and on to the good stuff (pictures!).

Did I mention he LOVES spaghetti? He is also cutting 4 teeth on the top, so his new amber necklace has been helping keep the crabbies manageable.  

Sophia loves being read too, and she has memorized half of our books. 

After Mass a week ago, there were a bunch of First Communion kids all dressed up in their suits and white dresses. Sophia freaked, and wanted to wear a white dress and pretty flowers on her head. This was my best rendition using odds and ends around the house. She walked around like this the rest of the day.

AND.... more snow. Old news, but still fun.

At least Paul was off that day so they spent lots of time playing outside.

Sophia doing a little light reading: The Mystery of the Transfiguration 

Bouncy fun

He loves smiling and his fingers!

Dishwasher dash! All he needed was some motivation in the form of a plastic measuring cup.

They play really well together, especially with Soph's castle. Who knew that thing would provide hours and hours of fun. 

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