Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Many travels over and spring has arrived!

It has been a very busy new year, I am so behind and cannot believe it is April! Happy Easter to all! We had lots of travels and a great many visitors the past few months. Both sets of grandparents were her multiple times as were several friends from out of state. I have never washed so many sheets and towels in my life. We decided to take the whole family on a few of Paul's work trips so that we could meet all of the teams he oversees in Duluth, Mankato, Fargo, and Bismarck. We had a blast, but time changes, very early and very late flights, and teething children make life ultra interesting.

Other wise, they are growing like weeds. Leo is crawling around like a maniac and has two front teeth. Sophia is growing with leaps and bounds and loves Cinderella, playing with her blocks and wooden train set, and is eating us out of house and home. Our biggest accomplishment these past few months was to move the two of them in together in Sophia's room. It is so nice to have our room back, and Leo is not waking up 4 times at night because of us coming in late or getting up early. They play so well together, and I am working on sorting out things and doing some spring cleaning.

Our mom's group Magnificat Moms has been very busy. I am the TLC person, so I help organize and deliver meals to new moms and with the baby boom this spring, I have been delivering a meal almost once a week. I am also helping to plan our Easter party and egg hunt for the kiddos next week. Sophia and I are filling lots of eggs, and next week we will be making a bucket load of cookies to decorate!  We are keeping busy!

On the home front, we are trying to decide if we will move from our apartment. Lots to think about, and decision and details to follow soon I hope :)

Alright, here is the best part! A few pictures of all our happenings. :)

We love trains at our house... hours of fun!

Sophia, Leo, and Mandie
Grandpa G pulling Sophia around the yard

Penny, Grandpa, Sophia and Mandie coming back from a snowshoe trek on the frozen lake... Skittles in tow.

Snow angels!

It was a beautiful day and we were having a blast!

Grandpa and babies Susanna and Leo

Plastic container just the perfect size for a Leo bath! He loved it!

Paul trying to do push-ups with two very silly girls along for the ride.

Addy and Sophia having too much fun.

Leo, Mandie, Sophia, Addy, Ruth (with baby L on board) and Susanna

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